teach teacher teaching classroom materials Professions topics subjects Math 23 games Geography 10 games Languistics 5 games Cyberkidz, edutainment, home, school, math, topography, geography, languistics, language, elementary, primary, education, entertainment, touchscreen We would also like to hear what games you think are missing. Use this form to let us know. Cyberkidz Cyberkidz is an educational platform for boys and girls in the age of 4 till 12 years. By playing the educational games, children will practise the professions learned in primary school. Edutainment The Cyberkidz Games are developped with concepts of education and entertainment, which we call edutainment: learning by playing. Perfect for using in the classroom with a smartboard or touchscreen, but Cyberkidz can also be played individual by the children. At school or at home. Measuring progress Especially for schools there's a analysisprogram connected to the Cyberkidz games. With this program you can plan children to play certain games and monitor their results. Painting Music 1 Music 2 Music 3 Dutch road signs Coloring pages animals Coloring pages scenery Maze 1 Maze 2 Amounts Finding Scale Balloon popping Feed the animals Number rows 1-10 Counting Scale Finger count Soccer Number rows 11-20 Sums to 10 Sums to 20 Frogsum 3 Weights Multiplication tables 1,2,5 and 10 Multiplication tables 3,4,6,7,8,9 Frogsum 4 Number jumper Telling time Buying food Multiplication tables 1 to 10 Ruler Sum shower Calendar Add and substract Water measurements Percentages Distances Taxi Multiply and divide Fractions Percentages 1 Mathmix Sowing Grass Percentages 2 Math Puzzle Letter bubbles Jigsaw 1 Alphabet Character memory 2 Jigsaw 2 hangman 3 fast typing 3 crosswords 3 Character memory 3 Animals Crosswords 4 hangman 4 fast typing 4 speed typing 5 hangman 5 crosswords 5 Word Master 5 Hangman 6 Plural fast typing 6 crosswords 6 Singular Word Master 6 Sayings and Quotes hangman 7 fast typing 7 crosswords 7 Word Master 7 learning spanish - animals 1 learning dutch - animals 1 Find the typo Hangman 8 Fast Typing 8 Crosswords 8 Word Master 8 learning spanish - animals 2 learning dutch - animals 2 Jigsaw The Netherlands Jigsaw New Zealand Jigsaw England Jigsaw Australia Jigsaw Canada Heli Holland Europe quiz Famous flags States USA Helicopter New Zealand Helicopter California USA State Flags of the USA Helicopter Texas USA Helicopter Australia Helicopter Illinois USA Helicopter Washington USA Helicopter Montana USA Helicopter Idaho USA Helicopter Nevada USA Heli Holland Heli Europe Flags Dutch cities State capitals USA 1 Main capitals Mexico Africa quiz America quiz Asia quiz Oceanië quiz World quiz State capitals USA 2 Spain France Austria Luxembourg Portugal Belgium Switzerland Countries Afica Countries Asia Countries South America Countries world Germany Great Britain Australia New Zealand Italy South Africa Suriname Ireland Point the City NL Point the City BE Point the City CA Point the City NZ Food for Animals Skeleton puzzle Body parts Animal cleaning Animal dots Special animals the Solar system Water animals Shockwave Mammals Skeleton The eye